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The ME Generation of Employees

16 Aug

This morning I woke up at 6 am which gave me plenty of time to get out the door and to the office by 8.  God, I ❤ my 20 minute commute.  Some how I managed to dilly dally and I didn’t end up leaving until 8 which got me to the office at 8:25.  Even though our offices open at 8:30 I was still only the 4th car in the parking lot! At first I thought maybe we had the day off, checked my Blackberry…it’s Monday!  Nope, I just work with a bunch of ME generation types.  I am sure you’ve met the type. 

My office has a window where I can see people as they walk in the door.  It’s like watching TV!  You would think the sales reps would be rushing to their cube because they are late. Okay, that is what I would be doing. Instead about 20 people slowly saunter in one after another with their over priced lattes, chit-chatting about what they did over the weekend as if we were all blessed that they showed up at all.  I was fascinated at a lot of the poor clothing choices some of these people made coming to work.  Did they think there were going to a frat party or to play a game of frisbee golf?  A few of the guys had on cargo shorts, polos and flip flops.  Two women who must think they are Rachel Bilson showed up to work wearing short shorts and high heels.  Really! Didn’t they have a career counselor where they went to college that told them how to dress the part? Or do they really think that is acceptable work clothing choice?  How about some COMMON SENSE!!! Please tell me I am not getting old.

Later when I went to the restroom before a meeting I saw ME worker #1 was on Facebook, ME worker #2 was buying t-shirts on Old Navy and ME worker #3 was actually reading a novel! (I was so tempted to ask her if her book was any good!) Then I remembered that their spineless boss is on vacation this week so why work. They might actually think they entered the country club and that must be the  reason for their clothing choices.  It is hard to believe they all have a year end bonus based off of hitting and exceeding your sales goal.  That would be a HUGE motivator for me at 26!  But why do that when you can coast by and just move home if it doesn’t work out! Where do these people come from?

Here I feel guilty every day because I need to race out the door at 5 to go home to my family and the reality is I probably do more work in 2 hours there then they do all day! I sincerely hope that my girls aren’t like that!  Because they are NOT moving home after they graduate college I am going to teach them how important it is to work hard and show dedication.  Part of being successful is showing up, being prepared and dress for the job you want, not the job you have. (Unless of course you’re my nanny and as long you just show up I don’t care what you’re wearing.)